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Portfolio, Trade Ticket, COVID Updates

Released: April 7, 2020

Improved Chart Snapshots

We’ve improved our chart snapshot () feature so all your snapshots are hosted on unique links you can share and refer back to. Every chart snapshot includes all the TA and drawings shown on your chart and some information about the market. You can also share directly to the Trollbox after taking a snapshot.

Full History for 1 Day or Higher Intervals

Normally, our charts are truncated at 500 candles. However, for 1 day (1D), 3 day (3D), and 1 week (1W) charts, you can now scroll back to the beginning of that market’s history. Here’s Bitstamp BTCUSD on the 1 day interval all the way back in 2013.

Change Order Total in Trade Ticket

You can now edit the Total field in our trade ticket. This was a highly requested feature that improves the usability of our trade ticket - thank you to those who reached out about it. When you edit the Quantity, Price, or Total fields, one field that will change is market with an .

Portfolio - Percent to Fill and Positions USD Quantity

Now you can visualize how close all of your orders are to their fill price, across exchanges, with this new bar in the Orders tab of your Portfolio.

We also added a Quantity USD field into the Positions table of your Portfolio. This makes it easier to see the size of your positions side by side, against each other.

Order Percent to Fill

How close are your orders to filling?

Quantity USD in Portfolio Positions Tab

Qty USD field is the quantity of your position in USD

Alerts from Anywhere

You can now access and place alerts from any page on the interface with the alerts horn in the upper right corner. Your alerts will also trigger in the browser even when you don’t have that particular market open.

COVID-19 Crypto Tracker

We added a tracker for total and daily COVID-19 data against the Bitcoin price - check it out here.

New Emojis in the Trollbox

We continue to grow our library of custom emojis with these additions:

  • :virus:

  • :tp:

  • :purell:

  • :stonks:

  • :money_printer:

  • :wsb:

  • :tendies:

  • :ric_flair:

Pay with BTC, Alerts

Released: March 10, 2020

Pay for Cryptowatch with Bitcoin

Cryptowatch has paid plans to unlock trading and portfolio upgrades, access to APIs and more. You've been asking to pay in Bitcoin, so we've enabled it. From your account's Subscription page, you can now pay for your plan in Bitcoin via BTCPay Server. The option also exists when you create a new account.

Pay for Cryptowatch with Bitcoin

See all your alerts in the alerts menu

You can now see all your alerts, across markets, in the alerts dropdown from any trading terminal page. You can also create, modify, and cancel them from here. To learn more about how alerts work on Cryptowatch, check out our Guides.

See all your alerts in the dropdown

History Export and Email Alerts

Released: February 25, 2020

History Export

You can now download ledgers of your 2019 transaction history from Kraken, Coinbase Pro, Binance, and Bitfinex directly from the History Export tab of your portfolio in Cryptowatch. Downloadable as CSV files, these ledgers can be used to help with tax reporting, trade style analysis, or value at risk (VaR) calculations. In order to get your downloads, you will need to have the correct permissions set for your exchanges’ API keys so Cryptowatch can download and format the data. Each export will have the fields you need to break down each transaction on your account: timestamp, type (fee, income, deposit, withdrawal, buy, sell), asset, quantity, value, transaction ID and even the onchain transaction ID if relevant and the exchange supports that info. Requests may take up to 24 hours to prepare - we will email you when your report is ready.

Download your history from Kraken, Coinbase Pro, Binance, and Bitfinex.

Email Alerts

Now, in addition to setting alerts by clicking on the y-axis of the price and volume charts, you can set and edit alerts in a modal. We also added a new method of alert delivery: email.

Manage your alerts and receive via email

Join the Trollbox

We’ve opened up the trollbox to everyone with a free Cryptowatch account. Pick your username carefully, be civil, and try to enjoy each others’ company. The trollbox is at the bottom right hand side of Cryptowatch - this icon: trollbox icon

P&L, % to Market Price

Released: February 4, 2020

How Close are your Orders to Filling?

We’re upgrading our Portfolio to give you a quick and comprehensive overview of your holdings and positions across exchanges. That’s why we added a % to Market column in Portfolio showing how close your order price is to the market price. Sort all your orders on this column to see your most pressing orders in real time. You need a Cryptowatch Basic account to see orders in Portfolio - 2 week trial is free.

Sort by how close your orders are to the market price

What's your Profit and Loss, Across All Positions?

In the vein of Portfolio upgrades, you can now see how all your positions across exchanges are doing in real-time. Time your trip to the Lambo dealership just right with this one.

Live P&L in your portfolio

Monitor the Crypto Markets with Python

We’ve added a Python SDK to our real-time streaming Websocket API. We know the popularity of Python and chose to release this next in response to the requests from the community. Here's the example code on our Github (linked above) printing out big movers on Kraken.

Big movers on Kraken via Cryptowatch API

New Tools and Cancel All

Released: January 14, 2020

New Tool: Awesome Oscillator

The Awesome Oscillator is a momentum indicator from trader Bill Williams that uses 34 bar and 5 bar moving averages of mean candle prices to indicate when a market may be turning. For more information on the Awesome Oscillator’s formations, see our blog post.

Using the Awesome Oscillator

New Tool: Vertical Cycle Drawing Tool

To complement our recently released Time Cycles tool, you can now visualize time cycles as vertical dashed lines on your charts. Just select the Cycles category of drawing tools, then Vertical.

Using the Vertical Time Cycle tool

Cancel All Open Orders

If you have a number of orders in place across exchanges and things are getting wild, you can cancel all of them with a single click from the Orders tab of Portfolio.

Cancelling all orders with one click

New Drawing Toolbar

We’ve consolidated drawing tools in to categories, and added more descriptive labels to make it easier to find and experiment with new tools. We also added the hotkey in parentheses next to each drawing tool so you can speed up your selecting.

Drawing tools are now consolidated, with names and hotkeys

You can now use your arrow keys and Enter to navigate through and select emojis in chat.

Navigating emojis with just the keyboard