Desktop Changelog

Changes to Cryptowatch Desktop are listed by release version with a summary of updates listed below.


  • Minor improvements to reconnection logic


  • Fix order book highlighting when using horizontal layout

  • Fix rare freeze when during boot when session expired


  • Watch List module. Display and track a list of markets on table

  • Text module. Write something on your board

  • Enhanced coloring for Time & Sales modules with row highlighting support and volume bars

  • Spread plot setting for Tick Charts

  • Horizontal layout for Order Books

  • Amount in quote units setting for Order Books

  • Smooth scrolling for Candle Charts

  • Formatting improvements


  • Added Heikin-Ashi mode and additional candle variations to the candle chart; candle body, OHLC lines, and HLC lines

  • Added fill bars to the order book module with different modes; individual, cumulative and combined

  • Unified the Venue and Instrument fields into a single market search field

  • Improved price formatting to display thousand separators

  • Introduced support to switch pane focus the using arrow keys


  • Added tick chart interaction: panning and zooming

  • Added an option to trim outliers in a candle chart

  • Minor GUI improvements


  • Added support for order book grouping

  • Added checkbox to toggle trade markers on tick charts

  • Introduced precision-based price formatting

  • Improved the default boards