Monday Weeklies and Canceling Orders

Released: December 17, 2019

Weekly Candles starting on Monday

Since the beginning of Cryptowatch, our weekly candles bucked the norm and started on Thursdays, in line with UNIX time. Now you can choose to start your weekly candles on Monday like other charting platforms. Just toggle to Monday in the Chart Style menu (the button with three candles, to the right of the Analysis menu).
Setting monday weeklies

Cancel Open Orders in Portfolio

You can now cancel any open order on any exchange you have connected to Cryptowatch right from the Open Orders tab of the Portfolio page. Just hit the Cancel button on the right side.
Cancelling open orders

Python SDK and Daily Hash

Released: December 3, 2019

REST Client Python SDK Released

Today we are making the first release for the new Python SDK, which has been our most requested programming language. This first iteration is a REST client that allows you to easily work with our Market Data API. Python streaming over Websockets will follow shortly as well. Try it for free or take full advantage with one of our paid plans.

Kraken Curated News: The Daily Hash

In your Cryptowatch account, you can now sign up to get the Daily Hash newsletter, a daily highlight of the top news in crypto curated by the Kraken Intelligence team. Sign up by clicking Subscribe to the Daily Hash on this page.
Subscribe for daily updates

Time Cycles, Emojis

Released: November 19, 2019

Time Cycles Drawing Tool

The new Time Cycles drawing tool, which is highlighted in the drawing tools bar, allows you to easily perform time cycle analysis on any Cryptowatch chart. Just draw out one period using the tool, and you’ll see that period repeated ad infinitum in the future and past, aiding analysis of whether cycles are repeating.

New Emojis in Trollbox

We put some new emojis in the trollbox that are more trading and crypto themed than the standard set. Check them out under the Kraken logo.

24 Hour Percent Change in Watchlist

The watchlist now includes 24 hour % change figures for each market, giving a quick glance at the movement of your favorite coins.

Cryptowatch Blog Posts on the Homepage

We added blog entries to the homepage next to the news section - check it out.

Updates to Portfolio, Trollbox, and Zapier

Released: November 5, 2019

All Open Orders in Portfolio

Basic and Pro clients can now keep an eye on their open orders across all connected exchanges within their portfolios on the new Orders tab, with information like fill percentage at a glance. Click on any row to go to the chart and modify that order.

Faster Price Updates in Asset Lists

Our Assets lists on the homepage and Assets page now stream VWAP prices in real-time from our Websocket API. You’ll notice they update a lot faster and flash when updating - here’s a comparison of the new site to the old one (both are sped up 5x for dramatic effect).

New Automation Feature: Zapier Price and Volume Triggers

Since the launch of our Zapier integration, we have supported submitting trades through Zapier using any of Zapier’s 1,500+ triggers. Today, we release the ability to trigger actions in Zapier using price and volume data from Cryptowatch. With this new ability, you can implement automation strategies and custom alerts using the integration - for example, you can send yourself an email when Bitcoin breaks its previous all time high, or save a line item to a Google Sheet every time volume exceeds a certain level in a day. You can even submit a trade when price hits a certain level, allowing you to stay out of the order book until the last possible moment. Learn more by connecting Zapier and Cryptowatch.

Trollbox Pop out

We’ve now made it easier to keep tabs on the Trollbox without covering key data on your screen with the new pop-out button. Just click the new square+arrow icon in the top bar of the expanded Trollbox to pop out the chat. To pop chat back in to your Cryptowatch window, just close the popped out chat or click the chat icon at the bottom of any open Cryptowatch window.

New API Documentation Site

We launched a new developer center hosting our REST and Websocket API documentation at It's easier to navigate and read than the previous documentation.

Language Selector and Ukrainian

We added a site-wide language selector in the Settings menu (the cog wheel in the upper right). We also added Ukrainian translation

Past Trades, Annotation, Totle

Released: October 22, 2019

Your Past Trades in Portfolio

For Basic and Pro clients, we now show your past trades across all connected exchanges in a table on the Portfolio page. You can filter by exchange, asset, and quote, as well as sort by any of the columns in the table. There’s a maximum of 200 trades shown in the table. Binance trades are not shown due to rate limiting on their API - the past trade data wouldn’t be reliable as a result, so we’re excluding them (for now).

Annotation Tool

You can now put text on your charts with the annotation tool. Click the A at the top of the drawing tools tray on the right side of any chart to get started. You can change the font size and style, resize the box, and toggle the anchor style so your annotation follows the candles or your screen. Drag the annotation to move it around. Hit the X to delete an annotation.

Totle Integration

The Totle site aggregates decentralized exchange market data and offers order routing to them. We've now integrated their data feed quickly and show their trades - all being matched using smart contracts on decentralized exchanges. Here's an example market for DAI/ETH. For more details, read the press release.

Parallel Lines and Watchlist

Released: October 8, 2019

Parallel Lines Tool

In addition to the Measure tool we added last week, we launched a Parallel Lines tool to help you chart channels. We built this tool to flex with your charts, no matter your y-axis settings or manipulations you make to the lines. Try it out - 100,000 sats offered if you can make the lines cross. If you set the lines straight with a linear y-axis, they will curve when you switch to Logarithmic, and vice versa. Unlike drawing tools of many other charting software, these lines are always parallel with respect to the way you initially drew them. You can find the tool icon at the bottom of the drawing tools menu on the right side of your chart, just above the Measure tool. The icon is two parallel lines at a slant.

Global Header Watchlist

We added a new universal watchlist across the site. Add assets by starring markets in the markets switcher on the chart, the asset page, and the markets page. To remove items from the watchlist, head the the Markets page and click the star icon on the header row to sort by markets in your watchlist. Just unstar these markets to remove them.

Bollinger Band %B Indicator

To build on the importance of channels in analyzing market movements, we added a new indicator for your charts called Bollinger Bands %B. This indicator tracks the distance between the current price and the lower Bollinger Band in % terms. When this indicator is above 100, the current price is above the upper band. When it’s below 0, the price is below the lower band. Everything in between means the price is within the channel defined by the Bollinger Bands. Learn more about the tool with the Info tab when selecting it in the Analysis menu.

Real-Time VWAP Updates

The VWAP prices on our asset cards and asset pages (like for BTC) now update in real-time as trades come in, instead of once every 30 seconds. Here's the BTC asset page updating at the old speed and the new speed (both sped up 10x):
Old Speed
New Speed

Satoshis in Portfolio

If you enjoy stacking sats, check out the currency switcher in your portfolio - we added SAT, which now trumps KRW in showing the largest number for your total wealth. Enjoy.

Bug Fix: Duplicate Watchlist Items

Some of you noticed our watchlist was adding duplicate items spuriously. We squashed this bug in today’s release.

Measurement Tool

Released: September 24, 2019

Measurement Tool

We added one of the most requested features from our visitors to the charting interface: a measurement tool. The tool gives you a quick read on the magnitude of moves in price and in your favorite indicators below the chart. The tool is highlighted on your charts page, and we wrote up a blog post on building it. The tool icon looks like this:

New REST API Allowances

We’ve now expanded the REST API allowances for paying clients to 16 CPU seconds per hour for Basic and 128 CPU seconds per hour for Pro, up from 8 CPU seconds per hour. For more detail on how our CPU seconds per hour rate limiting works, see the API documentation. We also lowered the free allowance of CPU seconds per hour from 8 to 4. We'll publish a blog post soon explaining why we made the change.
When you search in the Omnibar (address bar) of Chrome within Cryptowatch by typing, hitting tab, then entering a query, the first result to your query will load. Here's an example, where we searched for doge. The first result is the doge asset page, so it loads immediately.

Search, API, Portfolio

Released: September 10, 2019
With over 3,822 markets and multiple ways to visualize all of them (Charts, Correlations, Asset Pages, etc), Cryptowatch was in need of a better navigation to streamline access to every aspect of the tool. Our new navigation focuses on the quick links you need, with a dropdown on the left that will fill over time with more information and products, and a dropdown on the right for account-related data like Portfolio, User Guide and API Access. You’ll also find a Search bar at the top of every page to navigate to markets pages, asset pages, and lists of markets filtered by exchanges. Use CTRL+K on Windows/Linux and CMD+K on Mac to start typing in Search.

WebSocket API: Info, Usage Tracking, Easier Access

A few months ago, we released a WebSocket API that streams trades and orderbooks from markets at every exchange on the platform. Today, we launch a few updates aimed at improving access and monitoring for you.
  • What is the Websocket API?
    • We built an informational page with live code at the top to show you what it can do: check it out here.
  • How can I try out the API?
    • Previously, you needed to be on a Pro plan to access the API. Now you can try the API with 5GB of data a month at our Basic plan, which is only $15/month after a 14 day free trial. That’s enough data to stream trades and order books from 1-2 high volume markets.
  • How can I monitor my usage?
    • The API Access page in your Account settings now has monitoring of your usage during the current month, and you’ll receive email updates when you near your limit.
Learn about the WebSocket API
WebSocket API Usage Monitoring

Portfolio Allocation Pie Chart

See your allocation across assets and exchanges at the top of the Portfolio page and inline next to your balances. We are holding too much USD - have you learned about USD yet?
The Trollbox now includes search for emojis, so you can more easily leverage this critical aspect of crypto trader jargon. You can also autocomplete emojis by typing :, starting the name of the emoji, and then hitting TAB.

New User Guide, Themes

Aug 27, 2019

New User Guide

Now when you create an account, you'll see a guide that walks you through many of the important features of Cryptowatch. Check it out by creating an account now. If you already have an account, you can find the New User Guide here and in the Account section. For more tips and tricks on Cryptowatch, see our new blog and our Trading Walkthru video. In the account section:

Name and Save your Custom Themes

When you create a custom theme by using the cog wheel in the upper right of most Cryptowatch screens and clicking on the colors, you can now name it and save it by clicking the pencil icon next to the theme picker. See the GIF below and theme docs.

Google Sheets Plugin Orderbook Function

The CRYPTOFINANCE product team shipped a new integration to access any Cryptowatch market's order book with their Google Sheets plugin. 100 ask and bid orders will be returned, grouped at 0.5% of the midpoint price. The data refreshes once every 5 minutes to keep from hitting Google Sheets’ API quota. Here's the documentation page with and example on

Alerts and News

Aug 13, 2019

New Commands for CLI: Set Alerts

Using the recently launched Command Line Interface (CLI), you can now set Price and Volume Alerts. To set an Alert, use the alert command, followed by <exchange> <instrument> price <thresholds> using >, <, >=, <= to indicate the direction of the alert. To set an alert when Bitcoin/USD reaches $15,000 on Kraken, just enter alert kraken btcusd price >=15000. For a Volume Alert, the command structure is alert <exchange> <instrument> volume <interval> <type> <thresholds>. Type is either base or quote volume - the volume down below on your charts defaults to "base" volume (or the volume in whatever coin you're looking at). Volume alerts can be set on different intervals, like 1 hour (1h), 1 day (1d), 1 week (1w) - see the interval selector at the top of your chart for all the options - you can find it next to the exchange and asset pair you're looking at in the top left of any chart page. Or you can just type ls intervals in the CLI. Here's an example of a volume alert: alert kraken btcusd volume 1h base 1000 - That alert would trigger if the volume of bitcoin traded in a 1 hour Bitcoin/USD candle exceeded 1000 bitcoins on Kraken. You can also add multiple price or volume alerts at once: try alert kraken btcusd price >=13000 >=14000 >=15000 >=16000 >=17000 >=18000 >=19000 >=20000 (you may have to type it out yourself). As always, help is there. Type alert -h and have it all in front of you. Here's the full documentation on the Command Line Interface (CLI).

Theme Contest

The theme contest continues - check out our blog for how to enter. Winners chosen by the Cryptowatch design team will earn a year of Cryptowatch Pro, giving you access to our Trollbox community, lightning-fast WebSocket API for market data from 26 exchanges, and more. No payment necessary to create a theme and try out some of the great ones on's Twitter feed. Here are a few of our favorites so far:
Clockwise from top left, they are:
  • from @darrenma007 - "Monokai,#272822,#ffffff,#66d9ef,#fd971f,#ae81ff,#a6e22e,#f92672"
  • from @CryptoRothbard - "ancap,#383838,#f1eb09,#000000,#a88c00,#000000,#eafc0d,#030303"
  • from @i_van_kaz - "ivankaz,#0f1929,#f0f0f0,#584baa,#fcfc5f,#425e71,#dd9447,#4344e1"
  • from @iridion_ - "SNES,#e0e0e5,#54585a,#a7a4e0,#e4000f,#b2b4b2,#9377d5,#747776"

News on the Homepage

The team moved our News section up on the homepage below the assets table - stay on top of the latest events here, and look out for more real-time news offerings in the future.

Trollbox Upgrades

We've whitelisted images from to let our trolls share memes and gifs. We also collapsed the Trollbox by default for regular visitors to the website - don't forget to open it up once in a while or you might miss an easter egg.

U2F, Themes, HitBTC Trading

Jul 30, 2019
What can you do with a Cryptowatch account? Trade right on your price charts across 8 top exchanges with nifty features to make trading easier, never miss a price movement with SMS alerts, and view your portfolio aggregated across 12 exchanges - sign up here if you haven't already for a two-week free trial. On to this week's release:

U2F Security Key Added

You can now secure your account with U2F security keys, like a YubiKey. Just go to Security in account settings to add a key.

Sharing Custom Themes

You can now share your custom themes by copying a "theme string" that others can paste in to the theme switcher (# Edit) to use. You need a Basic account to create and export/import themes - get a two week free trial here. To check out the theme switcher, just click the cog wheel in the upper right of most pages on Cryptowatch. We're throwing a custom themes contest too - check it out here on Twitter and you could win a year of Cryptowatch Pro, which lets you trade on your technical analysis charts on 8 exchanges, join our Trollbox, build bots on our WebSocket API, and even use our Zapier integration to submit trades.

HitBTC Trading

We now support trading on HitBTC, bringing the total number of exchanges you can trade on through to eight.

CLI commands: ls alerts and theme set

We've added new Command Line Interface (CLI) functions - try these:
  • ls alerts
    • This will show all your current price and volume alerts across all markets.
  • theme set "Kraken Dark (New),#000000,#F0F0F0,#584baa,#FFA117,#425e71,#519C58,#E3415D"
    • This sets your theme to Kraken Dark - but, you can paste any theme string after theme set to set a custom theme. See "Sharing Custom Themes" above.

Usernames out of the Header

We took usernames out of the header so you can take screenshots or videos without giving away a piece of your account identity. Safety first!

Earn from Cryptowatch

Cryptowatch is launching an affiliate program so you can earn from sharing our tools with your followers. You can find a link to the form in the footer of the homepage or right here.

Orderbook Precision

We've increased the precision in the orderbooks up to 8 decimal points for certain BTC-fiat pairs so you can get really granular.

Bug Fixes

New Plans, Zapier, Chat, and More

Jul 2, 2019

New Pro and Basic Plans

To provide more tools for programmatic traders, we've launched a Pro plan that unlocks our Websocket API and Zapier trading integration. Read on below for more information on both of these releases, as well as all the other things we added to our Basic plan, formerly known as Premium. The Free plan, formerly known as Basic, gives access to Portfolio and starts after a trial of Basic.

Zapier Integration

Set up a Zapier action to place a buy or sell order based on any of Zapier’s 1,500+ triggers - allowing you to dollar-cost average in to 400+ cryptos, place buy or sell orders based on tweets or emails, and much more. The Zapier integration is available at Cryptowatch Pro. Documentation here.


Chat with your fellow traders about whatever you'd like. Only available to users in paid Cryptowatch plans, Chat is a spam-free place for you to share ideas and positions. All we ask is that you keep it civil. Chat is available at Cryptowatch Basic and Pro. Documentation here. The Chat icon will show up in the bottom right of the screen when you're a paying Basic or Pro customer (it won't show during a trial).

Google Sheets integration via

Cryptowatch partnered with to provide real-time market data on thousands of markets right in Google Sheets. This data can be used to power custom indicators, dashboards of top coins, configurable portfolio tools, and more. At Cryptowatch Basic, you unlock Cryptofinance’s Data Availability Service ($10/month value). At Cryptowatch Pro, you unlock Cryptofinance’s Historical Data plan ($39/month value). Documentation here.

WebSocket API

Our WebSocket API provides a single, speedy connection point to 26 major crypto exchanges. We’re doing all the maintenance to keep exchange connections online so you can focus on building your app or algorithm. Market data streaming is supported now, and trading over WebSocket is in the works. The WebSocket API is available at Cryptowatch Pro. Documentation here.

Custom Themes

Click the gear wheel in the upper right hand of any page on Cryptowatch to tweak 7 different colors in the theme. Make your own and share it with the community on Twitter or Reddit. Custom themes are available at Cryptowatch Basic and Pro. Documentation here.
Custom Theming

Command Line Interface (CLI)

With CLI, you can navigate to any page using a simple command like “g assets btc”. Try typing a command in the CLI box on the bottom right of any page. “help” is your friend. CLI is available to everyone. Documentation here.

Cryptowatch Blog

UPDATE: our blog is now at Last but not least, we've launched a Medium blog to provide tips and tricks on how to get the most out of our platform. Check it out at​

News and Fat Fingers

Jun 18, 2019

Crypto News and Intelligence - The Daily Hash

News events can be big movers in crypto, so we want our clients plugged in to the news cycle. At Kraken, we have an Intelligence team that compiles a regular report of the top news in crypto called The Daily Hash, and now Cryptowatch visitors and clients will have a sneak peek in to this content at the bottom of the Cryptowatch homepage. Check it out now.

Confirming Big Trades

To help prevent massive unintentional orders, the team has implemented the Fat Finger Warning. This warning will occur when the average slippage is 10+%. Average slippage is the percentage distance between your projected fill price and the market’s best price.

IOT, BCH, Minimum Trades, and Translations

  1. 1.
    We changed the symbol for IOTA from IOT to IOTA to align with the rest of the industry.
  2. 2.
    We consolidated BAB, BCC, and BCH under the most prevalent BCH ticker.
  3. 3.
    If you're getting caught with "minimum trade" or precision errors when submitting orders, you can now toggle off our auto-rounding in the trade panel to submit your orders exactly as you like.
  4. 4.
    Finally, the site is now translated in to Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Italian, and French to further support visitors from around the world.

Old Homepage & Status

Jun 4, 2019

Our Old Homepage

We recognize many of you love the "card" layout we had on our old homepage, with its enchanting sparklines and quick links to markets. When we released our new homepage with additional asset info and details on Cryptowatch's different tools, we wanted to make sure you were still able to view the cards. However, we realize they weren't the easiest to find. So, we've made it easier to get to the cards. On the homepage, you'll see a new View Asset Cards button below the list of assets. On the Assets page, we put a toggle between the List view and the Card view front and center at the top. And when you make a selection on that toggle, it will stick to your settings so the next time you click Assets in the top navigation, you'll get the same page.

Connection and Site Status

To ensure you're seeing accurate and real-time data when looking at a chart, we've added a link to our Status page on the right side of the footer of the chart page, next to the Twitter and Reddit links. The dot next to this link will change color if there's an issue anywhere on the site - green means all systems operational, yellow if there are open incidents, and red if there are critical open incidents. On the Status page, you can see which exchanges and connection types are affected. You can also subscribe to get incident updates via email, SMS text, or RSS on the Status page.

Coming Soon

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and suggestions - keep them coming. Stay on the lookout for a few major releases in the coming months... we've been busy.

A New Home + Explore Assets

May 21, 2019

A New Homepage

This new home gives you all the market's highlights, with a lot more. The asset table is your glance across the crypto market, with new information like market cap and aggregated liquidity on the bid and ask sides. We know many of you use Cryptowatch just to keep tabs on prices - but it's capable of a lot more. Check out the rest of the homepage to see what it's capable of doing for you. If you want the old homepage back, we feel you. It's still there. To find it, click "Assets" in the top bar, then click the button with 4 squares that pops up next to the gear wheel on the right. Voilá. Or, you can just click here.
Gimme my old homepage back!

New Ways to Explore Assets and Exchanges

Cryptowatch now provides a sortable list of assets at the new Assets item on the top bar - looking for the assets with the most pressure on the bid side? The greatest change over 1 month? The most sellers? Just click any header to sort. Pro tip: Hover and hold your cursor over "Liq Bid" and "Liq Ask" to see definitions. You'll notice a new item at the top of the site for Exchanges - here you'll be able to track the volume dominance of all the exchanges Cryptowatch connects to, and click through to see all the markets you can chart and trade on each of these exchanges. * Please note: Volumes for futures will be temporarily excluded from rankings while we make adjustments to accommodate their higher volumes.

Correlations Analysis, Portfolio Enhancements, and MFA

May 7, 2019

Correlations View

Candles aren’t the only way to look at markets. We started by adding Asset Views and today we’re releasing the Correlations Page. The correlation matrix allows clients to look at the relationship between the movement of different assets. Do they all really go up the same amount at the same time? Now you have proof they don’t, and you can use it as you decide not just how to trade, but what to trade. Or trade against each other. The amount of information this provides is only limited by your own interpretation! Currently, the Correlations page employs the widely used Pearson Correlation Coefficient method of measuring these relationships.
New Analysis Tool - Correlations View

Compact Portfolio View

Cryptowatch clients have a lot of holdings and it can get tiring scrolling through your expansive wealth. The compact view will now allow clients to view their holdings in a condensed manner on both desktop and mobile. Each row can expand to show the holdings by both Asset and Exchange. The Portfolio View also has a new toggle in the upper right hand corner to easily switch between both modes.

MFA for Trading Access

We have implemented compulsory multi-factor authentication (MFA) for Cryptowatch clients who wish to import exchange API keys and use our Portfolio & Trading interfaces. Clients can enable MFA in the Security tab of their Cryptowatch Settings Crypto websites like ours are often targeted with "credential stuffing" attacks, in which user/password combos from leaked databases of other websites are used to attempt logins on a large scale. Unfortunately, some people will reuse a password and not enable MFA, leaving their accounts vulnerable to this style of attack. Compulsory MFA for clients who wish to import API keys ensures that any easily compromised account will be of no use to the attacker.
Apr 23, 2019
What does a free Cryptowatch account let you do? A free Cryptowatch account allows you to save your settings across sessions and track your portfolio across 12 exchanges - sign up here if you haven't already. Trading through the interface starts at just $10 month. On to this week's releases:

New Analysis Tools Menu

As new indicators and overlays for charts are constantly created, we want to ensure Cryptowatch helps you access these new perspectives on the market. Today, we’re excited to debut a new Analysis Tools menu on our charts to help you select, configure, and learn about all the tools on our platform. All the Indicators and Overlays you know and love have now moved to this one menu, between the candle settings and the pencil icon.
We heard you wanted more customization of your charts, so from within the Analysis Tools menu you can now:
  1. 1.
    Alter the style of each tool - like the colors of the lines for Bollinger Bands
  2. 2.
    Change the price input of a tool - like creating an EMA with the High prices of each candle instead of Close
Finding tools will now be easier as the list grows: search from the top of the menu, ‘favorite’ any tool with the star, and filter the list by Type or Category (like Momentum and Volatility) from within the Filters menu next to the search bar. Finally, tools are useless if misunderstood - so we’ve included a description of each tool, a visual example, and the corresponding calculation under the Info tab that reveals itself when a tool is selected in the menu. Change can be daunting, we know - but we think you'll find this new menu not only easier to use, but more helpful for discovering new perspectives on the market. Play around with it and let us know what you think.

Asset Search and Watchlist

When you go to an asset page like Bitcoin's, you'll now see a dropdown of all the assets in the platform. Search, save, and learn more about all the coins and cryptos at your disposal. The dropdown looks like this...
The dropdown menu is subtle...
And expands in to this!
But it tucks away access to many assets!

Available Funds Everywhere

The available funds indicator you know from Portfolio is now visible in the trading panel to give you a better idea of the balances at your disposal while trading any market.
Available funds are now shown in the trading panel with this little pill!

Portfolio Details and

Mar 19, 2019

Available Balances on Portfolio

Get better insight in to how your funds are tied up on Portfolio with the new available/total balance bars next to your asset balances. Simply click/tap on a bar to see a breakdown of how much of that asset is available for trading VS tied up in an order. The overall number we show is your total balance. Please be aware that each exchange treats 'Available' balance differently and not all exchanges take open order activity into account. For specifics, please consult documentation for your exchange. We also added more quote currencies to Portfolio, bringing the number to 20 total. Thankfully, the currency 'PHP' is not affiliated with the programming language, but is only the humble Philippine Piso. IDR remains the best choice if you want feel like it's late 2017 again. Public Data

We've added market data from, a crypto-to-crypto exchange with over 300 assets listed. Full coverage of markets can be viewed here. With this addition, the total number of markets available on Cryptowatch is now above 3,350 - with more to come.

Greater Orderbook Depth

Each order book now shows up to 10,000 orders, if made available from the exchange API's. See a deeper view of any market's liquidity by grouping up orders by price levels with the + /- buttons above the order book. The far left column is the price level, the middle column is the number of the base asset available between that price level and the next closest one to the market price, and the right column is the total number of the base asset available between that price level and the market price. A good example of the new depth can be seen on Kraken BTC/USD.

Toggle Clearing Order Form

By default, the trading form always clears itself after an order is placed. We've added a toggle to turn this off, so your order details will persist after an order is placed. This is helpful for rapid fire order placement, like placing several small orders at slightly offset increments. You can find the toggle by clicking the gear icon at the bottom of the trade panel on any chart page - it's called Clear form after sending order. If you disable that toggle and enable Skip Order Confirmations, you'll unlock Machine Gun Mode - where you can set multiple orders by...
  1. 1.
    Inputting an amount
  2. 2.
    Setting a price by clicking on the depth chart
  3. 3.
    Hitting Enter
  4. 4.
    Repeating 2-3
Here's what Machine Gun Mode looks like in action:
Machine Gun Mode GIF

What is Cryptowatch, again?

Our team is maniacally focused on providing the fastest actionable data in crypto to traders and investors. As a result of that focus, our site has always focused on providing as much utility as possible for the power user at the expense of explaining functionality. We think this makes sense for 99% of the site, but the About page is one place where we do want to let you know what Cryptowatch is good for and how you can get the most out of it. Check out the new About page - you might learn a thing or two about how Cryptowatch can supercharge your trading. Look out for more tasteful information throughout the site to help you learn more about all the ways we can help you make better-informed trades across the crypto universe.

Portfolio Upgrades and Speed

Mar 8, 2019
Have something to say? Share it on Twitter or Reddit and we'll get back to you. On to what we released today:

Portfolio Upgrades: Balances and Dust

We've done the backend work to enable total balances to show in Portfolio, meaning open orders won't affect your Portfolio balance! We also wanted to let you know that we hide dust automatically, and currently define it as any holding which is less than .01 of your quote currency. Please let us know your thoughts on how you view and handle dust for your own portfolio as we will look to provide additional ways to handle that in the future.

Indices on Cryptowatch

We now publish indices created by CryptoFacilities on our site. Indices are fairly new to the crypto industry, but a cornerstone of financial systems and a bit step in legitimizing crypto as an asset class. Since our indices tracking is new, you may not see much historical data for a few of the pairs. Stay tuned for more interactivity with these indices and features around them in the future. When the whole world has a stake in a Bitcoin index, you can say you saw it here first.

Fixed: Snappier Price Updates

Our team and several users noticed that the last price on the chart, the last price in the orderbook, and the trades flowing in on the past trades section were updating at slightly different rates. We brought them all in sync, so you'll see everything flash together in real time as trades come in for all our markets. Happy trading!

Asset View, BTC Quotes, and Bug Fixes

Feb 20, 2019

Big Update: Understand Fundamentals with Asset View

Trading intelligently often requires looking at more than candles - Asset View brings fundamentals to Cryptowatch’s trading platform. In an effort to help our traders learn more about the fundamental aspects of crypto assets, Cryptowatch just released an Asset View for all 500+ assets on our platform. Where you used to see just a list of markets, you will now see asset overviews, the latest social updates around an asset, as well as the markets the asset trades on. You can find the Asset View by clicking on an asset name or icon (aka 'crypton') on the homepage or in Portfolio. Please note that not all assets have overviews yet - we are working on full coverage. If you notice any data looks wonky, see below under 'Notes' or contact us. We've kept the Asset View simple for this first release, because we want to let you try it out and tell us what other information would be valuable on it. As crypto grows in legitimacy and complexity, the information we reveal on the Asset View will grow with it. Let us know what you think - we're available on Reddit and Twitter. Here are a few of our favorite asset views to check out:

Coming Soon: New Analysis Tools and Menu

While we love dropping cool stuff on you just to see the reaction, we wanted to give you a hint on this one. As we continued to expand our library of Analysis Tools such as Indicators and Overlays, we realized the existing drop down menus just weren’t going to cut it anymore. Stay tuned for the solution, and even more Analysis Tools to come!

BTC as a Quote Currency Option on Portfolio

We've added BTC as a quote currency option in Portfolio, so you don't have to look at your portfolio value in fiat (or 'shitfiat' as one trader calls it).

Notes and Bug Fixes

  • On the Asset View: Note that the price at the top of the chart and the price at the end of the chart line may differ - on top of the chart is an average price across all exchanges weighted by exchange volume over the past 24 hours, while the chart line is a similar volume-weighted average calculated over smaller time intervals that change with the time periods you select below the chart. These are both technically a 'volume weighted average price', or VWAP in industry parlance.
  • When refreshing a chart page, the time interval was reverting to whatever it was when the page was first loaded. We fixed that, so refresh all you like.

Portfolio Upgrades, WebSocket API Beta, and an Easter Egg

Feb 5, 2019
The Cryptowatch team has traveled from across the globe (galaxy?) to come to the ski slopes of an undisclosed location to put together this release for you.

Portfolio Upgrades

We've added a quote currency selector to the portfolio, so you can see your balance in whatever currency you prefer. Our personal favorite, you ask? The IDR, of course. It makes us look the best!

WebSocket API Beta

Our WebSocket API for streaming live prices from all markets on is now live in beta. A few select partners have hammered on it for a few weeks - and you could be next. If you shoot an email to [email protected] with your Cryptowatch username, we can get you set up with access to the beta. Cryptowatch accounts are now free, so go ahead and create one if you haven't yet!

Kraken WebSocket API Launched

Kraken recently launched their streaming WebSocket API, which Cryptowatch now uses to populate Kraken markets. You'll notice much snappier data on all Kraken markets, and we'll soon have deeper order books for Kraken as a result.

New Themes

To match with the new Kraken branding, we've released two new themes to Cryptowatch: Kraken Dark (New) and Kraken Light (New). Check them out in the settings menu on the home page and any chart page.

PGP Keys has always had a passion and respect for the right of our clients to privacy and security. As we begin to send more emails and communications to clients, you'll occasionally see a "signature.asc" file attached to your emails from us: if you use an email client that supports PGP signatures, like ProtonMail or Thunderbird with Enigmail, you can import our PGP keys to validate the authenticity of our emails to you.

From Pairs to Instruments

While you won't notice any changes to the user interface as a result of this update, it marks a major moment in our ability to support advanced financial products. Currently, (and most services in the crypto space) are built around a "currency exchange" (forex) model of trading one asset for another - a "base" for a "quote". With the changes we are making, we can now support financial products like futures, swaps, options, loans, and more. We cannot promise any of these will be added - but we are working towards a structure that will allow us to do so in the future, should we choose to do so!

QuadrigaCX Disabled

Due to recent tragedies around the QuadrigaCX exchange, we've disabled all of their markets.

Easter Egg

Look out on our Twitter for something interesting coming later this week. It has to do with pairs to instruments, as well as Kraken's acquisition of futures and indices provider Crypto Facilities.

Portfolio, New Exchanges, and Free Accounts!

Jan 22, 2019

Now Live: Automatically Track Balances with Portfolio View

Stay on top of your holdings in real time across 12 exchanges. No market has ever moved as fast as crypto - meaning unified tools to sense and respond to market changes are paramount for anyone trading or investing in this space. With automatic tracking of balances across 12 exchanges, Cryptowatch Portfolio is one of the most powerful tools for any crypto trader or investor to understand their stance in the market today. The full list of exchanges supported in Portfolio: Bitfinex, Kraken, Coinbase Pro, Binance, Bitstamp, Poloniex, Bittrex, BitMEX, CryptoFacilities, Huobi, HitBTC, and OKEx. Portfolio is also fully functional on mobile, for on-the-go monitoring of your balances. For now, Portfolio only shows available balances - for more information, please read the note below. We look forward to hearing your feedback on Portfolio via email or on Reddit or Twitter. We will always appreciate those of you who share your thoughts on what works and doesn't work for you. If you're not already using to monitor the market, sign up for a free account here.
Please Note:
  • Accounts for connected exchanges as well as assets will only show in Portfolio if they have an available balance greater than $0. This means open orders may affect balances shown for some exchanges. If a balance is appearing small or not at all on your Portfolio, check your open orders for offsetting positions. We are working on standardizing exchanges so we can display Total and Available balances for future version of Portfolio.
    • For example: if you have 1.5 BTC on an exchange but have a stop order to sell all 1.5 BTC, your available balance of BTC would be 0, so BTC may not show in Portfolio under that exchange.
  • The total balances and quotes are in USD for now - we are working to add support for more currencies here.

Support for Balance-Only Keys

As mentioned above, Cryptowatch is excited to announce support to view holdings on 5 additional exchanges starting today. The new exchanges supported are: Bitmex, CryptoFacilities, Huobi, HitBTC, and OKEx. The API keys page in the account section now has two sections, one for supported Trading Exchanges and one for Balance only integrations. Input any of your keys for the 5 new exchanges to see those balances in Portfolio.

Free Cryptowatch Account Now Available

With this release, free accounts are enabled within Cryptowatch. This means anyone who signs up for Cryptowatch or has signed up for an account in the past will have access to additional features beyond what web visitors can use - most importantly, Portfolio. If you choose to upgrade to Premium, you'll have access to SMS alerting and trading across our supported exchanges. If you previously had a free trial with us, log in again to check out Portfolio and connect your exchanges on the API keys settings page.

Bit-Z Exchange Added

The Bit-Z exchange has been added to Cryptowatch for live price, order book, and charting of over 60 assets that trade on their platform. See Bit-Z markets here. Market Page

Market Page has been added to the interface at Accessible at the below link, this page will allow you to filter assets on Trade.Kraken by asset and quote. Filtered pages can also be directly accessed or bookmarked using the below URL format: Filtered by Quote: Filtered by Asset:​
Jan 10, 2019

Additional Language Support

This release includes new language support for German (Deutsch), Mandarin Chinese (中文), Spanish (español), Greek (ελληνικά), and Danish (dansk)! Your language will be automatically set by your browser's language support preference, but you can change it to another language by navigating to any chart page and choosing a new language in the language selector down in the footer. What you select will be saved for future visits. Cryptowatch now supports 7 languages, including the five above plus English and Japanese (日本語), which is under a separate domain ( We will continue to add languages in the near future, so please share suggestions on Reddit or Twitter so our team can hear from you.
Start typing "" until you see suggested in the address bar, then hit Tab. You'll see Search Cryptowatch - type an exchange, asset, or other query to search directly within Cryptowatch from the address bar.

VWAP and Volume Sorting Updates

The VWAP calculations and volume sorting are updated to exclude Bithumb volume.