What are Credits?

This guide describes how to use Credits to pay for premium Cryptowatch services.
Credits are how you pay for Cryptowatch services, like Alerts and APIs. You can spend your credits on any combination of services. Credits are only used for services and cannot be converted to crypto assets.
Credits can be purchased using a debit/credit card or Bitcoin. Enable Auto Refill via credit card to ensure uninterrupted service.

Refilling Credits

Paying with a Credit Card

To refill your account’s balance using a card, navigate to this page to add a credit card:
Once you have a credit card added to your account, you can set up Auto Refill or make a one-time payment. We recommend enabling Auto Refill, as it will give you uninterrupted access to Cryptowatch services, while charging your card only when you have run out of Credits.
Note: If your credit card(s) are being declined, you may want to try using a debit card.

Paying with Bitcoin

Credits can also be purchased using Bitcoin payments, processed through BTCPay. Bitcoin can only be used to initiate one-time payments. A card must be added to enable Auto Refill.

Credits Costs & Bonuses

After deciding your payment method and frequency (one-time vs. Auto Refill), you need to choose a payment amount. Credit bonuses are provided for larger payment amounts:
Payment Amount
Total Credits Purchased
500 Credits
1,545 Credits
2,625 Credits
5,500 Credits
28,750 Credits
60,000 Credits
125,000 Credits
325,000 Credits

Spending Credits

Credits can be used to purchase two types of Cryptowatch services - Subscriptions and Pay As You Go. Free services do not require any credits.

Free Services

The following services can be used for free with your Cryptowatch account:
​Charts - Track crypto prices in real-time, with a full suite of drawing tools and indicators
​Trading - Swap assets across major cryptocurrency exchanges, through a standardized trading ticket
​Portfolio - Track your balances and profits over time, across all connected exchanges
​Chat - Connect with other traders in the community to share ideas or whatever else is on your mind
​Custom Theming - Personalize your terminal with a custom color scheme


Subscription services can be activated at any time and will renew on the first day of each month, at 00:00 UTC.
Currently, varying levels of Cryptowatch Desktop and Cryptofinance access may be purchased through Credit Subscriptions.
Subscription services may be deactivated at any time, though all paid services will be available until the end of the month.
Paid Cryptofinance subscriptions will automatically revert to the Free plan when there are insufficient credits in your account for renewal.

Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go services are billed by usage. The following services are available for purchase:
​Email / SMS Alerts​
1 Credit per triggered alert
2-15 Credits per 1,000 requests
​WebSocket API​
120 Credits per 1 GB bandwidth
15 Credits per execution