Make Accountable Alerts

Ever felt like trolling someone or making someone accountable to their statements? Then we got you covered!
For example, lets say there is the following tweet from the user Pepe:
Mark my words! btc will be gone by tomorrow.
You can reply to that tweet, including a mention to @cryptowatch_bot, as shown below,
Replying to @pepe
#makeaccountable $btc by tomorrow morning
This will create an alert on our side. We will reply back the next day with the current price of bitcoin (in this example), so the response would look something like so:
BTC's price has gone up 15.31%. That's a $10,930.00 change
from Jan 04 of 2022 to Jan 05 of 2022


  1. 1.
    Asset or market symbol followed by a # or a $ sign (i.e., #eth)
  2. 2.
    Date and/or time in natural language (i.e., by march 21st)
  3. 3.
    The #makeaccountable hashtag


  1. 1.
    #makeaccountable #btc @cryptowatch_bot jan 2024
  2. 2.
    #btc september 1 #makeaccountable @cryptowatch_bot
  3. 3.
    $1inch oct 15 #makeaccountable @cryptowatch_bot
  4. 4.
    $eth jan 2027 #makeaccountable @cryptowatch_bot
  5. 5.
    #sxp april the 1st #makeaccountable @cryptowatch_bot
  6. 6.
    #kraken:btc december 31st #makeaccountable @cryptowatch_bot
  7. 7.
    @cryptowatch_bot $binance:gmt october 2031 #makeaccountable
  8. 8.
    @cryptowatch_bot remind me of #btc price at 1pm tomorrow #makeaccountable