Portfolio: Net Value Time Series

Under the My Portfolio tab, the Net Value Time Series (NVTS) graph shows your portfolio’s performance over time, OHLC (Open-High-Low-Close) data for the selected time period, as well as your best & worst performing assets.
You can still use the NVTS and other Portfolio tools if you connect exchanges with "Read Only" API keys.
Suggested minimum permissions for portfolio tools:
  • Query Funds
  • Query Orders and Trades
  • Query Closed Orders & Trades
  • Query Ledger Entries
At this time, the NVTS graph is only compatible with Kraken & Coinbase Pro accounts. The value of assets held on other exchanges will not appear in the graph. Click here to create a free Kraken Account.
NVTS updates periodically, not in real time.
Unlike the Portfolio Balance, Holdings Allocation, and Composition & Performance sections of portfolio, the NVTS does not update in real-time.

Time Range Selectors

The Time Range Selectors adjust the span of time represented by the Portfolio Performance Graph, as well as the amount of time factored into the OHLC Bar and the Best/Worst Performer sections.
Within each time period’s box is the dollar-change value & the percent (%) change of your portfolio’s value during each period. The currency of the dollar-change value depends on your quote-currency selection (found above the NVTS graph, below your total Portfolio Balance).

Portfolio Performance Graph

The Portfolio Performance Graph (center) shows the value of your portfolio measured over time. The span of time represented by the graph is selectable using the Time Range Selectors (above).
Hovering your cursor over a point in the graph reveals your portfolio’s value at that instant, along with the date and time at the cursor’s point. This information is displayed in the top-left corner of the graph.


The OHLC bar communicates your portfolio’s value during a selected time period using four data points: Open, High, Low & Close.
Data Point
Represented by the white, vertical bar within the OHLC bar.
The value of your portfolio at the beginning of the selected time period.
Represented by the far-right end of the OHLC Bar.
The highest value of your portfolio during the selected time period.
Represented by the far-left end of the OHLC Bar.
The lowest value of your portfolio during the selected time period.
Represented by the white dot within the OHLC Bar.
The current value of your portfolio, per the last-updated time of the NVTS graph as a whole.

Best/Worst Performers

The Best & Worst Performers section displays both the top and worst performing assets held in your portfolio. Their performance is gauged from each asset’s market activity during the selected time period.
Clicking on either asset’s icon opens the Markets page, sorted by that asset as the base currency.

Getting Help during Alpha

Normalizing account histories is a process fraught with errors, so while we do our best to ensure the data you see is always accurate, there may be issues from time to time — hence why we are calling the current NVTS release an Alpha.
If you experience an error in your Portfolio history or balance, click the question mark (?) in the upper right corner of the NVTS section to give us your feedback.