Portfolio Balances, Heatmap, and Donut

You can see your entire portfolio balance aggregated across exchanges within Portfolio (once you've connected your exchanges to Cryptowatch by entering your API keys for each exchange).
  • Kraken Futures — only the funds in your Holding wallet are included in your Portfolio balances.
  • Your staked assets on Kraken will appear in your Portfolio balances. At this time, your staked assets on other exchanges will not.
Your total holdings amount is summed in the topmost figure (which reads 7,648,278 in the image above). You can change the currency your summed account holdings are displayed in with the currency selector just to the left of the numeric figure. The portfolio in the image above is displayed in satoshis (the smallest division of a single bitcoin).
The 24-hour change is in the middle — green for gains, and red for losses. This number is represented as a percent as well as in your selected currency.
Group your holdings by Asset or Exchange using the buttons below the Portfolio tabs.
Toggle between the heatmap and list views with the button on the right side, below the + Add Exchange button.
Change the currency denomination of your portfolio by clicking either the Portfolio Balance area or the gear icon in the top-right and selecting an new quote currency.
Use the Global Currency Switcher to change the quote currency of your Portfolio.

Donut Chart and Heatmap

Clicking the pie-graph icon on the right reveals the donut chart and heatmap.

Donut chart

The donut chart (left) shows the total number of assets in your portfolio (across all connected exchanges), the total value denominated by your Portfolio currency, as well as the 24-hour percent change of your Portfolio as a whole. Hovering your mouse over an asset block highlights its fractional portion of the donut chart on the left.


Asset blocks in the heatmap are sized according to the amount you hold, update to the current price of the asset, and show the 24-hour percent change. The 24-hour percent change also informs the color of the asset block — shades of green denote gains, greys show no change, and shades of red show losses over the past 24 hours.
Clicking an asset block opens a market for the asset on the exchange the funds are held on.