Exchange Fees and Order Types

Exchange fees and supported order types

This guide describes the fees and available order types for trading-enabled exchanges on Cryptowatch.
​Connecting exchange accounts to Cryptowatch lets you trade, track your portfolio and more using Cryptowatch as a multi-exchange interface. Rules like fees and the available order types are features of the exchange itself, and still apply even while using Cryptowatch. Cryptowatch doesn’t charge any additional trading fees, but fees originating from the exchange will still occur as you trade.
  • Clicking an exchange’s name in the Exchange column will open that exchange’s website.
  • Clicking the links in the Fee Schedule column opens the exchange’s official fee schedule.
  • Clicking any order type in the Supported Order Types column opens information about the order type.
Fee Schedule
Supported Order Types
​Kraken fees​
​Kraken Futures​
​ fees​
​ fees​
​Bitfinex fees​
​Bitstamp fees​
​Coinbase Pro​
​Coinbase Pro fees​
​Poloniex fees​