Cryptowatch Desktop: Hotkeys

The Mod key is Cmd on a Mac, Ctrl for other operating systems (eg. Windows, Linux).
A full list of Cryptowatch Desktop hotkeys is available within the app itself. Click the Account menu icon, then select Hotkeys from the menu to open a list of hotkeys.

Global Hotkeys

These commands affect the overall view on Cryptowatch Desktop.
Close the sidebar or deselect module(s)
Enter Fullscreen (ctrl + F11 on Mac)
Mod + ,
Open global settings
Mod + /
Display the help and hotkeys section
Mod + K
Open the Command Bar
Mod + R
Refresh theme from server (matches your account's theme on Cryptowatch Web)
Mod + +
Increase global draw scale
Mod + -
Decrease global draw scale (cannot decrease below 100%)
Mod + 0
Reset global draw scale to 100%
Mod + Q
Quit the application

All Modules

These commands affect any module on Cryptowatch Desktop:
Arrow Keys
Switch selection to adjacent module
Mod + C
Copy selected module
Mod + V
Paste into selected module
Mod + Shift + V
Paste copied market only
Mod + Alt + V
Paste copied module settings only
Mod + E
Edit selected module in sidebar
Mod + H
Split selected module horizontally
Mod + J
Split selected module vertically
Mod + Shift + H
Clone selected module horizontally
Mod + Shift + J
Clone selected module vertically
Mod + Shift + G
Clone selected module into a 2x2 grid
Mod + D
Delete selected module
Mod + U
Equalizes all panes
Mod + Left Click on split bar
Split and clone module
Mod + A
Select all modules
When using Mod + U to equalize splits, know that modules will not be distributed across the entire dashboard space. They will equalize to the portion that they were split from. For example: if the dashboard is split in half, then one of those halves is split into 2 modules, the equalization hotkey will change the distribution of space to 50% for the first module, then 25% and 25% for the next two.

Chart Module

Click on any Candle Chart module to use the following commands.
Zoom in on chart
Zoom out on chart
Mod + Up
Increase the chart candle interval to the next, longer interval. Eg: the next longer interval from 3-minute (3M) is 5-minute (5M).
Mod + Down
Decrease the candle interval to the next, shorter interval. Eg: the next shorter interval from 1-week (1W) is 3-day (3D).
Scroll-Wheel Up
Increase candle width (zooming in)
Scroll-Wheel Down
Decrease candle width (zooming out)