Chart Settings

Learn more about the options in the chart settings menu — you can customize themes, choose a language, and much more.
Cryptowatch lets you enhance your trading experience with a variety of chart settings. Read the tables below for a run-down of the settings options.
Open the settings panel by clicking the
icon in the top-right of the page.
Opens a list of available themes, including any custom themes you have saved. Change the name of the theme with pencil icon to the right of the menu.
Changes the method for color selection to a text edit window with hexadecimal values.
Changes the method of color selection to a list of the editable elements with a color preview. Click the color preview square to open a color wheel.
Save your custom theme.
Fiat Prices
Lets you change the display prices in a market to any currency listed in the panel, regardless of the base or quote currency of the trading pair.
Opens the language selection menu.
Use SI prefixes for quotes
m milli(10−3)(10^-3)(10−3)
Shortens the quote prices by 3 decimal points.
µ micro(10−6)(10^-6)(10−6)
Shortens the quote prices by 6 decimal points.
Hide leading zeroes
Darkens all zeroes in quote prices up until the first digit above zero in the Trade History and Depth Chart panels.
Hide redundant digits
Darkens all redundant digits from line to line in the Trade History and Depth Chart panels.
Snap to round numbers
Determines if prices / volumes snap to round numbers when setting alerts or adjusting the price of an order via the chart.
Throttle order book refresh
Determines how quickly order book data is updated. Data will refresh more quickly with a lower set value, however this will consume more CPU resources.
My Activity
My Trades
All previous trades appear on the chart when selected (enabled by default).
My Orders
All open orders appear on the y-axis when selected (enabled by default).
Show Order Line
When creating an order, this option places a dotted line on the chart at its price level.
History Scrollbar
Toggles the history scrollbar on the chart.
Event Timeline
Toggles the event timeline on the chart. Major events are displayed as yellow diamonds, and minor events are smaller grey diamonds.
Scroll Zoom Sensitivity
Determines how sensitive scroll zooming is. The higher the value, the more sensitive.