Desktop Changelog

Changes to Cryptowatch Desktop are listed by release version with a summary of updates listed below.


Released: April 21, 2023
  • Clark Moody standard theme
  • Margin & Futures trading on Kraken & other supported exchanges including Bybit
  • Open Interest, Funding Rate, and Liquidations technicals in the Chart module
  • P/L %, P/L USD, Quote, Contract & Settlement amount columns in the Trade Activity module
  • Optional client-side calculation of position P/L in Trade Activity module
  • Open position indicators on Candle & Depth modules
  • Net position on Ladder module for applicable markets
  • Coinbase users will now connect keys for Coinbase Advanced instead of Coinbase Pro
  • Focus retained on series selector input when venue is cleared with backspace
  • Improved match ordering in table filter search
  • Performance improvements for Ladder module visualization
  • Improvements to the update required screen
  • .pkg installer for MacOS
  • Allow negative OHLC values to support GTS & Futures
  • Add Kraken Exclusive account tier name
  • Show upgrade screen when error decoding shared board
  • Spot market buy orders for exchanges expecting a quantity in the quote unit
  • Issue with fullscreen on non-primary monitor
  • Invalidation of Theme Manager while editing
  • Blurry installer logo on retina displays
  • Crackling sounds on MacOS
  • Navigate to upgrade screen when upgrade required on login
  • Technical Analysis cache invalidation on data replacement
  • Open positions listing staleness bug in Trade Activity
  • Issues with auto-launch & ToS in the windows installer
  • Login with 'Enter' when password does not comply with criteria
  • Non-deterministic ordering of positions sharing the same timestamp in Trade Activity
  • Numeric filter behavior in the balances module when grouped by venue
  • Unwanted line wrapping on truncated text in table filters
  • Negative values in balances amount filters
  • Upgrade banner dismissal duration


Released: March 4, 2023
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug effecting fullscreen dashboards


Released: March 2, 2023
  • Chart upgrades
    • New charts for Blockchain Metrics, NFT floor prices, CF Benchmark Indicies and more
    • Text and Annotation tool
    • Line and Mountain display modes
  • Ability to hide dust under Balances
  • Hover audio controls in menu bar
  • Liquidation levels on the candle chart & depth chart modules
  • UI Refreshments
    • Exchange Key screen
    • Sounds screen
    • Support screen
  • Moved order ticket margin selector from title bar to main form
  • FTX & FTX.US is now view only venues
  • Order Ticket color bar calculation now aligns with web
  • Credit card field placeholders has been updated
  • Calculator typo “Quantity Quantity” -> “Order Quantity”
  • Login password validation has been corrected
  • Use correct sort icons on tables
  • Apply global time to Clock module
  • Modules with restrictions now don’t play sounds
  • Correct Spread Chart Display Precision
  • Regression in Watchlist where the scrollbar would scroll towards infinity
  • Limit amount of spreads and trades in Tick Chart
  • Improve performance in table filter display
  • Persist module drawings across market changes
  • Market Selector on Candle Chart is now automatically focused
  • Candle chart performance improvements when interacting with tools like zoom and panning.
  • Combo box blur regression
  • Fixed
  • Ease disabling reset button in ticket
  • Default to mid price for limit orders in ticket
  • Order Ticket: Default Trigger/Stop Price not saving properly
  • Trade Activity: Confirm Edit icon remains greyed out when only adjusting order price


Released: January 30, 2023
  • Candle & Depth chart modules now display the unfilled rather than the original quantity for partially filled orders
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed replacement of partially filled orders on Ladder and Trade Activity module:
    • Ladder module: Quantity of the newly created order will now match the unfilled quantity of the original order at time of request
    • Trade Activity module: Quantity of the newly created orders will now be populated with the unfilled quantity from the original order
  • Performance improvements in the Spread Chart module


Released: December 15, 2022
New Features
  • Maximize and restore single dashboard modules
  • Privacy mode that hides sensitive portfolio values
  • Global sound mute button
  • View and chart historical candlestick data on inactive markets
  • New order book sound triggers for midpoint and large order moves
  • Visualizations for sound effect filter envelope and reverb decay profile
  • Passwordless application login
  • Cached markets for faster application bootup
  • Password validation on signup screen
  • Sound indicators on panes
  • Design updates to app icons and subscription badges
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed keybind collisions across hotkey groups
  • Remember entered credentials between signup / login forms


Released: November 2, 2022
Read more about our major Cryptowatch Desktop Trading release in our blog post.
New Features
  • Spot trading support for 6,000+ markets and 8 supported exchanges
  • New Order Ticket module
  • New Trade Activity module
  • New Balances module
  • New Ladder Trading module
  • Chart drawing tools: Lines, Shapes, Measure, Fibs
  • Customizable Sound Packs
  • Cryptowatch Desktop Subscription Plans
New Technical Analysis
  • Chandelier Exit (Chandelier)
  • Psychological Line (PSY)
  • Ichimoku Cloud (ICHI)
  • Chandelier Exit (Chandelier)
  • Kaufman’s Adaptive Moving Average (KAMA)
  • Moving Average Envelope (ENV)
  • Kaufman’s Adaptive Moving Average (KAMA)


  • Moving Average Envelope (ENV)
New Features
  • New screen to handle locked accounts
  • Chart time span quick select (e.g. show 1Y of candles)
  • Vertical axis sizing for the Depth Chart
  • Updated visual style for the TA editors
  • Zoom the Watchlist module
New Technical Analysis
  • Bollinger %B (%B)
  • Bollinger Band Width (BBW)
  • Triple Exponential Average (TRIX)
  • Chaikin Money Flow (CMF)
  • Chaikin Oscillator
  • Schaff Trend Cycle (STC)
  • Z-Score (Z)
  • Accumulation/Distribution (A/D)
  • Know Sure Thing (KTS)
  • Ultimate Oscillator (UO)
  • Chande Momentum Oscillator (CMO)
  • Alligator (ALLG)
  • Coppock Curve (COPP)
  • Balance of Power (BOP)
  • Choppiness Index (CHOP)
  • Detrended Price Oscillator (DPO)
Bug Fixes
  • Addressed window initialization failures
  • Fixed some app stability concerns
  • Cleared candle caches that showed gaps in data
  • Cleaned up candle jitter on the chart


  • Technical Analysis: New library of 30+ indicators and overlays to add to candlestick charts. Configure your parameters and how TA looks using the new analysis sidebar editor.
  • Chart overhaul: Legends, field resizing and reordering, overlay controls, hiding and maximizing fields and discrete time axis for CME / non-continuous markets.
  • UI improvements: New module grouping and preset tools. Share dashboard layouts with others using board sharing links.


  • Fixed an edge case where current session could expire after a renewal.


  • Introduced standalone module sharing. Modules are copied to the clipboard in JSON format, which can be shared and copied-back into the application.
  • Improved error handling of session expiration errors.
  • Fixed board sharing on Mac OS in some environments.
  • Fixed collision of URL handling and module pasting.


  • Replaced the split module buttons with a convenient module splitter control.
  • Fixed trades appearing with an offset on tick charts.
  • Fixed presets for the clock module.
  • Improved the spread conditioning of the tick chart module. We now pay attention to the trade side when adjusting spread lines.
  • Improved consistency of styling of destructive buttons.
  • Added basic system menu support.


Major Features
  • Theme Editor: Customize theme colors and import/export themes from the sidebar.
  • Advanced Module Splitting: Split or clone a single module or multi-module selection into rows, columns, or grid up to 4x4.
  • Market and Chart Interval Selectors in Module Title Bar: Switch market or set chart interval directly from the module's title bar. By default, the markets are filtered by the current venue.
  • Stale Data Indicators and Reconnection: When market data becomes stale, the module shows a small visual indicator to let the user know to wait for the data to refresh. Additionally, the reconnection strategy of modules has been improved to automatically retry when data is unavailable.
Miscellaneous Features
  • New user menu from the app header that contains items previously buried within the global settings sidebar.
  • Global setting to toggle the tooltips that popup under the header bar controls.
  • Global settings to show venue icons instead of names in module title bar.
  • Account sidebar displaying email, chat name, signup date, recent account activity, and special roles.
  • Shortcut to select all modules: Cmd/Ctrl+A.
  • Candle chart low/high price labels on the chart.


  • Support for the Apple M1 architecture
  • Stability fixes
  • Split+Clone a module by holding CMD / WIN/Mod while clicking a module split button
  • Choose from all timezones in the IANA database
  • Upload Logs functionality to help us better support traders
  • Improved update experience
  • New icon to match the Apple Big Sur design guidelines


  • Fixed scaling issue when dragging the application to different monitors.


  • Fixed minor connectivity issues.


Introducing our Navigation Pack: Command Bar, Hotkeys, New Depth Chart and Clock Modules, and expanded configs.
  • New Modules: Depth Chart and Clock
  • Command Bar: Switch between boards and themes or modify modules with one unified Command Bar, accessed with CMD+K
  • Hotkeys for copy/paste, split, clone, delete - with a contextual menu to reference any time
  • Board Management: Quickly see all your boards and rename, clone, or delete from a new sidebar
  • Theme Selector: Create, save, and apply any custom theme from the new theme selector.
  • Expanded Configuration Options: Global time zone support, blank levels in orderbook, elapsed time in Time and Sales module, liquidity level selection in Summary module, venue icons in Watchlist module, place sidebar on left or right, modify security settings in app.
  • Quality of Life Improvements: Crosshair time label on charts, forgot password flow


  • Minor improvements to reconnection logic


  • Fix order book highlighting when using horizontal layout
  • Fix rare freeze when during boot when session expired


  • Watch List module. Display and track a list of markets on table
  • Text module. Write something on your board
  • Enhanced coloring for Time & Sales modules with row highlighting support and volume bars
  • Spread plot setting for Tick Charts
  • Horizontal layout for Order Books
  • Amount in quote units setting for Order Books
  • Smooth scrolling for Candle Charts
  • Formatting improvements


  • Added Heikin-Ashi mode and additional candle variations to the candle chart; candle body, OHLC lines, and HLC lines
  • Added fill bars to the order book module with different modes; individual, cumulative and combined
  • Unified the Venue and Instrument fields into a single market search field
  • Improved price formatting to display thousand separators
  • Introduced support to switch pane focus the using arrow keys


  • Added tick chart interaction: panning and zooming
  • Added an option to trim outliers in a candle chart
  • Minor GUI improvements


  • Added support for order book grouping
  • Added checkbox to toggle trade markers on tick charts
  • Introduced precision-based price formatting
  • Improved the default boards