Upgrading to the Official GSheet Addon

Upgrade to the Official GSheet add on which supports many new features and data. Your spreadsheets will continue to work as is, there is no breaking change. All you need to do is entering you Cryptowatch API key to the official add on. Step 1: Copy your Cryptowatch API key. You can skip this step if your api key is not set.
  • Go to CRYPTOFINANCE-> Enter Cryptowatch Public API Key. You will see your API key on the pop-up screen. Copy the key. You will later need to enter it to official Gsheet add-on.
Step 2: Uninstall the Apps Script version of Cryptofinance to avoid duplication.
You can do this via Extensions › Apps Script. Select Cryptofinance project. If you only have a single project you will be redirected to the project detail. Click the Overview button on left sidebar. Click the delete button on top right.
Step 3: Install the official GSheet add-on Step 4: Enter the API key you copied in the first step.