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All-Time-High Prices

All-Time-High prices are available via a simple syntax:
This will return the all time high price for the BTC/USD market as an aggregated VWAP.
Note: Calls to ATH data fall into the Historical Data quota of 25 call per day per user.

Exchange Specific ATH prices

You can prefix an exchange name, to return ATH prices from a given exchange, and not the market average.
Example getting Kraken ATH price for its BTC/EUR market:

All-Time-High Date

Returns the date when the asset price was at its All-Time-High:
Per exchange:

Percent Down from ATH

Returns the percentage down from the asset All-Time-High price, or 0 when the current price is the ATH.
Per exchange:

All-Time-High Volume

In addition to the price you can pull the ATH volume on any day for any market on any exchange:
Currently not available for Airtable. Coming soon...