Exchanges Data

This page is about aggregated market data per exchange. To get the price for a given market on a given exchange, see the Supported Exchanges group on the left.

The following examples use Kraken.

Exchange Volume

Returns the 24h volume traded on the exchange, as reported by the exchange, in USD.

=CRYPTOFINANCE("KRAKEN", "exchange_volume")

Historical Exchange Volume

Historical data for exchanges volume is also available. The syntax is as follow:

=CRYPTOFINANCE("KRAKEN", "exchange_volume", "2018-01-23")

Referencing date from a cell:

Say you have 2018-02-22 in cell B12:

=CRYPTOFINANCE("KRAKEN", "exchange_volume", TEXT(B12, "yyyy-mm-dd"))

Note: Historical data falls into the Historical Data quota of 25 calls per day per user.

Exchange Rank

Returns the exchange rank, computed from its marketcap relative to other exchanges.

=CRYPTOFINANCE("KRAKEN", "exchange_rank")

Exchange Number of Markets

Returns the number of markets traded on the exchanges.

=CRYPTOFINANCE("KRAKEN", "market_count")

Exchange Number of Cryptocurrencies

Returns the number of cryptocurrencies being traded on the exchange.

=CRYPTOFINANCE("KRAKEN", "currency_count")

Exchange Number of Fiat Currencies

Returns the number of Fiat currencies being accepted on the exchange.

=CRYPTOFINANCE("KRAKEN", "fiat_count")

Exchange Website

Returns the exchange website address.

=CRYPTOFINANCE("KRAKEN", "exchange_website")

Exchange Twitter Account

Returns the exchange Twitter account.

=CRYPTOFINANCE("KRAKEN", "exchange_twitter")