Wallet Token Holdings

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The Bitcoin blockchain does not natively support tokens, i.e. NFTs.

Supported blockchains

  • ETH & BSC

Get Token Holdings

Returns the token (NFTs) holdings from a given wallet.
The following data is returned:
  • Asset Name
  • Symbol
  • Contract
  • Asset Amount
  • Value either in ETH or BSC
  • USD Value
  • Last Updated
=CRYPTOFINANCE("BSC:0x2910543Af39abA0Cd09dBb2D50200b3E800A63D2", "holdings")
=CRYPTOFINANCE("ETH:0x84Dc4bEE7cEbc7e840D059e36B99119D5086d57a", "holdings")
If the token price was not found, its ETH or BNB value will be returned as 0. This will allow you to still add up those columns and do some data manipulation if needed.
Currently not available for Airtable. Coming soon...