Things to Know

Google Sheets

Sharing Sheets When You are Using an API Key

If you’ve paid for a subscription via Cryptowatch, you have also generated an API key for use with Cryptofinance. One API key works with one Google Account only.
Sheets can only be shared in view-only mode, to an unlimited number of users.
When another user make a copy of your sheet, or when you share a sheet in edit-mode, the add-on will run under the other user’s own Google Account. They won’t have access to the same (paid) data.
Another consequence of sharing in edit-mode is you will see the following error message in your sheet as well as the sheet of the person(s) you are sharing with:
Error: This data point is only available for Standard Cryptofinance subscribers. Please upgrade your subscription at for access.
When you are the last to refresh the page, they will see the (paid) data as well. When they make the refresh last, you will see the error message above.

Google Sheets Has Some Quota Limit

Google Sheets imposes a 20,000 API calls quota per day per user and per spreadsheet file.
Each call to CRYPTOFINANCE is 1 API call. Whenever possible CRYPTOFINANCE will use a cache to avoid doing a request, but never for too long as getting up to date data is critical.
When you hit the quota, you will see this error message:
Service invoked too many times for one day: urlfetch.
It is recommended to use full-listings to avoid hitting this API call quota.

The Add-On Doesn’t Run in Your Browser

CRYPTOFINANCE, like all Google Sheets add-ons, runs on Google Sheets servers. When you call CRYPTOFINANCE(), Google will run the add-on on their servers on your behalf.
This means for instance that all API requests sent to exchanges are the same for all Google Sheets users. No matter if you use CRYPTOFINANCE or any other add-on or custom script, for exchanges and other 3rd party API providers, your requests will appear to originate from the same IP address as everybody else.

Google Sheets Servers Are Unevenly updated

The server that Google Sheets connects you to is based on your geographic location. You’re assigned to the closets servers to ensure the best user experience.
As a direct consequence, some users in some locations may receive the add-on updates after other users. It takes a different time for each server to get the add-on latest version.
Using a VPN to connect from an IP located in California may help you avoid some cache issue where your region servers are not yet updated.

Sheet Locale Setting and Parse Errors

If the function returns Parse Error or something similar, change the commas to semicolon to separate the function arguments, like this:
=CRYPTOFINANCE("BTC/USD"; "change"; "1w")
This is happening because your sheet locale is not English. You can change your sheet locale to “United States” under the File > Spreadsheet Settings... menu.

Coins Sharing the Same Symbol

The source of truth for coin symbol to use with Cryptofinance is the Cryptowatch Asset List. You can also use their search bar to search your asset of interest by its full name.
Not available for Excel.
Not available for Airtable.